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James Spiegel – Oktober 2017

“In early September my girlfriend and I decided it was time to meet her family in Israel. It was to be a trip of a lifetime for 3 weeks visiting all the Holy Sites. About a week into the trip I was having a very difficult time breathing and started to fatigue easily. This did not make sense as I keep myself in excellent physical condition exercising daily. Following a trip to the Dead Sea I decided to take a nap to recover from a long trip; it was a nap I almost did not wake up from.”

James Christopher Spiegel

AnaConDa connected to James

“I had my first and hopefully last Status Asthmaticus attack.”

I passed out and subsequently had to be resuscitated in the ambulance. Once at the hospital the physicians had to put me in a medical induced coma for almost 11 days. Throughout this period the hospital attempted all conventional treatments such as propofol resulting each time in a worsening of my condition, as my Co2 markers were at a hazardous level. At this point, my family was called because they could not find an effective treatment. The next step would have been a heart and lung machine, which the physicians believe I would not have survived. The head of the department had one AnaConDa device which he had obtained as a sample, but had no accessories or follow up product and said that would be the last treatment he could try. My partner contacted Sedana Medical and explained the situation to them, briefing them on exactly what was happening. The Sedana Medical team in Germany arranged to meet her the following day in Frankfurt to provide her with product. Upon getting there they were very understanding and compassionate about my situation and made sure she had the correct product and necessary accessories to return to Israel with, to save my life. Upon return the hospital physicians quickly set up the AnaConDa delivery system and within a few hours my vitals began to stabilize and they were able to wake me up.

“I am not a doctor but I believe if this were available
to me earlier things would not have been as serious.”

I will always be an advocate for Sedana Medical as this device saved not only my life but saved severe grief to my girlfriend and families lives as well. I believe that there needs to more awareness about this device and its benefits. We need to challenge conventional treatment as I strongly believe that if this had happened in the United States I would not have survived.

“Back in the gym four weeks later”

Upon discharge I had a long discussion with the head of the ICU whom disclosed that prior to the AnaConDa being connected, he believed I had approximately 10 hours left before he would have had to make some tough calls. I have no words to describe the gratitude I have to the team at Sedana Medical, whom even after I had woken up went above and beyond to check on my health status.

James Christopher Spiegel

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